RingMD Collegiate

RingMD Collegiate

RingMD, a global leader in providing scalable, easy-to-use telehealth solutions, is excited to announce the launch of RingMD Collegiate, its first telehealth product specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the collegiate healthcare market.  

RingMD Collegiate is a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based telehealth platform that has been specifically developed for the unique needs of student health care centers. The RingMD Collegiate platform allows medical professionals to offer secure and convenient video-based consultations to the busy students they serve. The platform can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with a health care center’s existing clinical software.  

RingMD Collegiate can be implemented in any student health care center setting to provide additional online services to students, optimize medical professionals’ time usage, improve workforce management, and deliver improved quality of care. It is easy to use, requires no additional software, and can be accessed by any Web-enabled device, from computers and tablets to smartphones running Android or iOS.


Expanded Access to Care
Video consultations over the Web are more efficient than in-person appointments. RingMD Collegiate keeps students out of waiting rooms and gives them instant access to physicians and other healthcare professionals.  The platform also saves time for providers, allowing them to treat more patients more effectively in less time.

Built for Busy Lives
Modern telemedicine technology can be used virtually anywhere, at any time. RingMD Collegiate gives healthcare practices flexibility, as well as the ability to accommodate the lives of busy students. Campus healthcare centers can use the platform to extend appointment hours, expand into weekend operations, or even offer 24-hour healthcare service. RingMD Collegiate can also assist colleges and universities in growing their current telehealth offerings with negligible upfront costs.

Improved Patient Health Outcomes
Patients are more likely to comply with recommendations for follow-up appointments if those consultations can be conducted via video. RingMD Collegiate Video visits are also an effective way to increase patient engagement in lifestyle coaching, medication monitoring, and the management of chronic medical conditions.


the percentage of students who prefer telehealth options to traditional methods for seeking medical attention


the percentage of university medical professionals who prefer telehealth, citing ‘efficiency’ and ‘quality of life’ as primary


reduction in the number of no-shows and last-minute cancellations due to schedule conflicts, transportation issues, etc.


student level of satisfaction with telehealth services

Privacy and Discretion
College students are seeking mental health assistance at a higher rate than ever before. Healthcare providers are discovering that a telehealth platform is an effective forum for connecting with college students dealing with stress and other mental health issues. Using RingMD Collegiate, students in crisis can quickly and safely engage in video consultations from the comfort and privacy of their own living spaces.

Outsourcing Medical Services
Using RingMD Collegiate, colleges and universities can tap into RingMD’s existing network of licensed, trained on-call physicians. This allows campuses without an on-site medical facility to provide healthcare services to their students. And campuses with existing student health care centers can use the platform to provide students with specialized services that can be expensive to offer on campus and in person. With RingMD, specialists in fields from addiction medicine to wellness coaching and everything in between are just a video chat away.

RingMD partners with student health centers to most effectively meet their goals. Telemedicine services can be staffed by existing university medical personnel or by our trusted network of medical professionals. In addition, the easy-to-use RingMD platform and associated smartphone app can be institutionally branded to look and feel like an integrated piece of a school’s own health center technology.

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