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How telemedicine is not optional anymore

Due to recent outbreak of Coronavirus, the world is now facing extreme necessity of healthcare. This is where telemedicine plays a significant role since nationwide lockdowns are issued frequently and transports have been restricted to some extent.
Reasons why healthcare has been a challenge for these times:
People who really need medical consultations can not go out
Covid patients do not have easy access to medical assistance
Medical professionals are unable to provide their valuable service
Several governments are having hard times to contain the virus

New online stack comes in rescue

RingMD is the ultimate solution to all these problems.
Implementing telemedicine has never been this smooth!

See Digital Response

Week 01

Quick Response

Implementation of digital platform with more relevant functionalities.
Start a governance model with clear roles and responsibilities.
Develop hypotheses and quick and timely actions to sensitize care and the future state of the contingency
Mobilize the work team.
Training first version of the virtual assistant.
Online monitoring and analysis of existing data.
Week 02

Incremental Implementation

Digital platform

We will implement a platform that will allow digital interaction with citizens to access relevant information and timely diagnosis of COVID-19
Online consultations, registration of care and digital prescription
Integration with remote monitoring devices
Artificial Intelligence application

Accelerators of the Digital Assistance program

Design of the platform and interactions with citizens based on the information needs of potential patients
Accelerating the adoption of the platform considering the understanding of patient behavior
Alignment and management of the main actors involved for the correct implementation of the platform
Rapidly define and redesign actions to incorporate complementary functionalities and services to the platform in an agile way

Intelligence and analytics

Leverage data management capabilitiesto do advanced analytics and reportability
Analysis and visualization of key data and indicators
Segmentation of patients at risk
Geo-referenced analysis and automatic classification of care
Performance analysis, based on care protocols, of health professionals who will work on the platform
Demand forecasting and forecasting model generation
Detection of gaps and detection of opportunities for improvement
Crossings with public information and other sources that are relevant to the analysis of the pandemic within the scope of use of the platform

Operational Management

Monitor the management of health professionals, ensuring continuity of service by defining and measuring protocol and operational standards
Demand management
Platform services
Service management

Who are using our service

Crossings with public information and other sources that are relevant to the analysis of the pandemic within the scope of use of the platform
Together, RingMD and EY implemented the first nationwide COVID-19 digital telehealth risk mitigation solution for the country of Chile
Harvard Medical School