2016 at RingMD - Year in Review

Dec 28, 2016
4 min read

Working closely with government, industry and tech leaders around the world, 2016 comes to an exciting end for the RingMD team. In the last calendar year, our team is proud to have served and delivered improved wellness and healthcare solutions to tens of thousands of people around the globe! From AI chatbots to government partnerships, 2016 held a series of exciting developments for our company. ringmd In 2016, our tech developers welcomed our new digital colleague into the world: Cardea, the health chatbot.  Engineered to provide intelligent responses to health queries, Cardea is a medical encyclopedia, doctor’s assistant and untiring welcome desk rolled into one.  Built on cutting-edge algorithms designed to simulate a conversation with a medically-trained friend, she offers an astutely individualized experience.  Access to basic healthcare information in this manner is unprecedented, and is especially valuable for users in developing countries and rural villages, where free medical care could mean the difference between life and death.  Meet your new personal health aid by adding her on Skype here.

In terms of global impact, thousands of new doctors have joined the our network of online health professionals this year, offering their services to the growing population of public users - from all corners of the world.  Doctors from thirty-two different countries now provide advice on more than ninety medical specialties, with our site now functional across ten different languages.

**Spotlight on India & Pakistan** telehealth As part of our mission to provide accessible healthcare to previously isolated rural areas, RingMD is excited to have announced a partnership with the government of India.  The Digital India initiative will enable people from all over India, from any walk of life, to attend a remote consultation with a health professional by video at their local Common Services Centre.  Our teams on the ground in India are already undertaking sterling work in terms of raising awareness about these life-changing opportunities.

Over in Pakistan, we are facilitating telehealth consultations in remote areas with our fleet of internet-enabled mobile clinics. This service connects villagers to medical professionals in major cities like Islamabad and Lahore. Patients with severe conditions or chronic diseases are invited to undertake follow-up in-person consultations with medical professionals in hospitals. The Pakistan initiative provides a critical basic service that was previously unavailable. health chatbot As our suite of healthcare product offerings has grown, so has our team. From a nucleus team at the beginning of the year, the size of our global team has increased by nearly 400%! Our Singapore headquarters (HQ) quickly outgrew both its original premises, and we’re in the process of establishing our spacious new HQ in a leafy area in the heart of the nation’s Central Business District. This year, we’ve also expanded our team offices in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Pakistan. Look out for new company offices in the United States, South America and Africa in 2017. ringmd telehealth **RingMD in the News**

RingMD is gaining recognition for its progressive work in Singapore and globally, forging bridges between healthcare professionals and individuals everywhere. Here are some quick links to stories we were featured in this year:

**A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to a fantastic 2016, and here’s to the year ahead full of even bigger, brighter challenges!**

In 2017 we've started focusing a lot on increasing access to mental health care. If you're thinking "I need a therapist near me" but don't know where to start, try the RingMD therapist directory. We will help you find the right therapist for YOU!