Online Therapy & Counselling via Video Calling

Jun 27, 2017
4 min read

Whilst many people look for a therapist near them for convenience sake, i.e. to not have to travel too far, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they pick the best therapist for the issues they need to work with.

It’s all about the right care of duty towards the client”

As a therapist, I think the biggest advantage of online therapy, is that it allows clients to pick a therapist with the appropriate training and specialisms best suited to them – so that they can get the results they need to get to make those vital changes in their lifestyle. Really, only this type of therapy allows that scope since distance between therapist and client becomes a non-issue.

Online therapy allows you to find the best therapist out there

For example, my specialisms include trauma and abuse of varying kinds, and phobias and anxiety. I also frequently work with clients struggling with depressionmild and chronic — as well as family members and friends of depressed people, that ultimately may fall into depression themselves.  That’s not to say I don’t work well with other issues but when I recognise in a consult that someone brings up similar issues where I know there is a better therapist than myself to support the client with those issues, then it’s my care of duty to refer the client into better hands.

Online therapist directories allow patients & therapists to broaden their network

These days, most decent therapists will have a good colleague network system to refer people to with the best interests of the client.  And this is another solid argument for the advantages of doing therapy online: if we are looking to get the best well-being health care and spending our money on regular therapy, which over time, is expensive – we have a right to expect the best long-lasting results.

Why online? What are the benefits?

Importantly, for the last decade, we’ve known for quite some time that years of research is showing us that the results of therapy online and practice based therapy are the same in achieving good results. Not only can online therapy is less expensive than completing an in-person course of therapy, but it can also be sought out when getting to the doctor isn’t easy and if a clinical/traditional therapist setting makes you uncomfortable. Also, some people prefer the relative anonymity of an online consultation, and many busy professionals that are dealing with workplace stress simply do not have the time to travel to a therapist's office. These are just the beginning, as there are many, many more reasons as to why people are turning to getting their therapy remotely and online. online therapy Why I offer online therapy & counselling on RingMD

One of the reasons I like working through RingMD, is because it truly is confidential and all records are encrypted.  Also, it is an easy site for clients to sign up to – all clients need to do is give their email address and a password.  It’s a completely comprehensive platform under one roof for both therapist and client, and even has a messaging service between client and therapist, which is again confidential. This is a very important factor in my book and I much prefer it to emailing, because if your PC is hacked, then it can be a nightmare where privacy is concerned.

RingMD's virtual consultation platform, for me, affords everything myself and my clients need. It is a platform with a brilliant futurist vision for the future of therapy and medicine.”

For me, this platform understands the dynamics of therapists and medics and give people like ourselves good back up very quickly. Here's more information on how to get yourself — and your practice — listed on RingMD's online therapist directory.

In the UK, our National Health Service (NHS) has been the envy of the world for decades. In fact, since the ending of the second world war. However, the NHS is now so financially stretched due to the huge population of the UK and is becoming more and more privatised, which will ultimately result in very expensive costs in the UK for our healthcare, unless we have private health insurance. So ultimately, that puts us in a position of having to shop around for the best possible health care (sometimes even beyond our borders) and RingMD is already offering this now and for our future talking therapies and physical well-being.

RingMD Provider Elizabeth Van Rein.png To find out more about depression or seek treatment from Elizabeth Van Rein, you may contact her directly through her profile (here). She offers online therapy and counselling, and is an accredited therapist in counselling and psychotherapy. She is also a fully qualified hypnotherapist practising in medical hypnotherapy and hypno-analysis.