Chronic Sinusitis – When to Seek Advanced Treatment

Jun 06, 2019
3 min read

Dealing with the pain and pressure of sinus-related headaches can keep you from your normal activities. Chronic Sinusitis is a treatable condition – the key is understanding when it is time to see a doctor.

Springtime is upon us - The season for allergies and the dreaded sinus headaches that often accompany them. More serious and burdensome is the condition of chronic sinusitis. Those who suffer from chronic sinusitis report feeling extreme fatigue and pain. Often times, the symptoms are so severe it keeps them home away from work and family. The first line of treatment may include some simple home remedies such as sinus rinsing, icing, and over the counter decongestants. Unfortunately, they may not prevent recurrent sinus symptoms. Chronic sinus sufferers routinely deal with seasonal flare-ups, but there are times when the condition becomes more serious in nature requiring professional care.

What medical professionals understand about chronic sinusitis is that in many cases the condition isn’t easily remedied. Symptoms include fever, pressure, pain behind the eyes, and sensitivity to light and noise. Also, it isn’t uncommon to have problems relating to breathing and sleeping due to severe congestion. Because chronic sinusitis can be caused by an underlying-infection, growths in the nasal polyps or inflammation involving the lining of the sinus cavity, the best course of action is to consult a medical doctor.

Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics based upon your history and severity of the problem. Other typical treatments of chronic sinusitis may include injections of corticosteroids, allergy nasal sprays, and prescription anti-inflammatory based medicines. More common than what people may realize, these standard courses of treatment aren’t effective. So, what happens when all efforts to relieve the condition have been exhausted? There are several advanced treatment options available that can be recommended to you by a treating physician all from the comfort of your own home when you choose to consult with one of our Ring MD Doctors.

Advanced treatment options are available for patients showing unresolved symptoms. It will more than likely involve a visit to an ENT specialist to establish the need for potential surgical intervention. The surgical procedure used in chronic sinus conditions is known as FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery). While surgery sounds medically invasive, it may provide long-term relief by opening up the airways and allowing the sinuses to properly drain. This is one of the major problems with chronic sinusitis is that the swelling impedes proper drainage. Surgery can also be an option to remove the presence of nasal polyps within the sinus cavity. Nasal polyps are tear dropped shaped non-cancerous growths that are not painful to the touch, but can prohibit drainage. Understand your condition may not result in a procedure of this magnitude – these options are reserved for acute sinusitis that doesn’t respond to other treatments.

If you have still have issues with sinus-related pain or pressure, be sure to seek the care of a doctor or therapist. You can also speak to a doctor online on RingMD from wherever you are (just click the button below).

Doctors on RingMD can provide you with medical advice, and depending on where you are, they may also be able to write you a medical certificate and online prescription. You have a right to deal with your pain. We’re working to make sure everyone takes health and wellness more seriously, and everyone gets the care they need.

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