Depression: Causes & Treatment Options

May 24, 2017
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What are the causes of depression and how can it be treated? Everyone's situation is unique.

Stress if left untreated, can develop into anxiety, and if anxiety becomes prolonged, can bring about depression. Another cause can be a sudden trauma of a physical or psychological nature (major accident or extreme shock), where recuperation time can be lengthy. Also, a prolonged ongoing milder type of compounded trauma where we are battling an ongoing situation in life such as illness, divorce, homelessness, financial worries, abuse, bereavement and terminal illness of a loved one or ourselves and loss of employment, to name but a few. New parents are prone to postnatal depression—this sort of depressive illness impacts both mothers and fathers. This is known asEnvironmental Depression.

Other types are: Hereditary Depression which can be genetic, i.e., a parent or caregiver living with Bi-Polar Depression, where there is a chemical imbalance. There is also a type specific to new mothers called Postpartum Depression, which is also known as Postnatal Depression.

How can depression be treated?

This pathology has been around since the mists of time and is unfortunately an illness that we have not been able to fully eradicate because it, in most cases, is environmentally determined.  However, a combination of therapy and medication can help alleviate the symptoms. Studies indicate that psychotherapy is especially effective at treating chronic forms of depression. In therapy, any potential causes of depression and dysthymia can be identified and addressed.

What are the signs and symptoms of depression? See this article for more information. Get treatment for depression.png Types of suitable therapies to identify triggers and behaviours

There are countless forms and varieties of treatment and the three general types of therapies below are some of the most common types of therapy to heal the depresses. All these therapies are being pioneered by counsellors to deliver in-person and online treatment for patients.

This is a type of psychoanalytic therapy which explores and challenges perceptions, reactions and behaviours and how these perceptions and attitudes can be changed towards healthier outcomes, for example, a situation occurs and the outcome will be in the way to which we react to the situation. However, if our reaction to the situation is of a negative nature, this will impact the outcome in an unfavourable way, which we’ll blame on the situation and not our reaction.  This is often because we have fixed perceptions on how things ought to be in life and find the perceptions of others or things difficult to accept.  It’s a therapy designed in the 50’s to compliment other traditional therapies and often used as a stand alone therapy these days by the National Health Service (NHS).

  • Psycho-analytical and Psychodynamic Therapy for treatment of **depression**

This type of therapy explores the development years of the client and how they see themselves, other people and the world around them, i.e., it’s about their perceptions of themselves and life in general based on all the information that has become ingrained from early childhood.  The emotional security felt in themselves and environment and what expectations they have of others as well as themselves.  It helps them to understand from whom and where their perceptions have come from and test that accuracy. Doing this helps bring about changes in perceptions and future choices, personal values & boundaries.

This is a very old and gentle therapy which aids quality relaxation and sleep. It helps to promote healthy lifestyle habits, combat stress and anxiety by promoting positive thoughts, and responses instead of negative ones.  Hypnoanalysis helps the client to recall memories with more clarity and rewrite the outcomes of past difficulties with inner child work.  Talking therapies have their roots in hypnotherapy.

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