Online Therapy: Get Listed on RingMD's Online Health & Therapy Directory

Jun 09, 2017
5 min read

Are you ready to attract new clients / patients and get listed on RingMD's online doctor and therapist directory?

Make the most of your profile and stand out from the thousands of health experts that have already listed themselves on website. This guide will help you get started.

First, take a look at the research and materials we've prepared to help you create your online therapist or physician profile:

  1. Define your personal brand (includes a free downloadable guide).
  2. Prepare your professional portrait (here are guides on what makes a great photo and common mistakes to avoid).
  3. Brainstorm how you will convey your unique skills and value proposition to potential clients in writing.
  4. Think through the multiple or single session packages you will offer through your profile, including complimentary introductory sessions.

Now, let's get started!

Navigate to the biography / profile sections on our website (simplified directions here for doctors and here for wellness experts) and complete your full name and other core details in your Personal Profile. Your Professional Profile is the outwards-facing part of your profile that will be publicly available through RingMD's practitioner search. Make sure to complete all the relevant information so that client's can find you and understand from your profile if you can help them feel better.

The more complete your profile is, the more likely a patient / client is to find your profile and contact**you.**

On your profile, you can include your personal biography and languages spoken. Doctors can also include the Medical Schools they attended, as well as relevant Residencies and Fellowships. Don't forget to complete the Awards and Affiliations sections, which are a clear way to demonstrate your credentials.

You may also upload videos to demonstrate who you are, including patient / client testimonials and your personal videos (see a great example of a complete profile below that includes a provider's video). Screen shot of Ismene Cole's RingMD profile..png Screen shot of the profile of Ismene Cole.

What should you write about in your Professional Profile?

As seen in the example above, only the first few lines of your write-up will be visible when a patient / client clicks into your profile, so make sure to make the first 100 words of your profile enticing enough for someone to click the 'Read more' link. Moreover, the first sentence of your profile may even be the most important part of your profile — think of this sentence as the "attention getter" or verbal elevator pitch, that in a few seconds should convey to a potential client how you can help them feel better or why they should work with you on their most sensitive issues.

You can include some of the following in your profile to ensure to be part of our therapy directory:

  • **Show your personality**– feel free to include some quotes that inspire you or to tell a personal story.
  • **Define what’s important to you**– describe your values and approach to therapy, i.e. why online health is important for you, etc.
  • **Clearly describe your service offering**- “packages” make it easy for clients to buy sessions with you, so try to label, price and describe packages as accurately as possible.
  • **Explain how you can help **– are you focused on helping people achieve their career goals? Or do you specialize in resolving childhood trauma or helping patients understand their sexual orientation? Let your reader know.
  • **Leave out the technical jargon, and write with an **empathetic and non-judgmental tone ****- you want to connect with your potential client and help them understand your areas of expertise!

The screen shot below displays how your profile will be displayed to potential clients in RingMD's online therapist directory, where your professional head shot, profession, country, starting price for a consultation / package, and first sentence of your profile are visible. RingMD's therapist directory.png Screen shot of online doctor and therapist directory, including profiles from psychologist Lindsay Bira and therapist Shawn Thomas Berthel.

Don't forget to add keywords and clearly define the areas that you specialize in, and what sorts of online therapy / health expertise that you offer.

Many clients will use the search bar (what some may call an online therapist finder) at the top of online therapist directory to search for specific words and ailments, such as depression, PTSD, anxiety. Include these specialties in your profile to be found.

Setting up your online therapist profile on the website is quick. Once you're "online", share the fact that you're offering online therapy farther afield.

Set up and share your free RingMD widget and embed it on your website or in your email signature. Another way to increase the visibility of your profile is by publishing articles and other content on the RingMD blog that we will link directly back to your profile.

If you already have a story idea or article that you'd like to share, click below to submit your idea to us — we read every submission. Welcome to our community!