Singapore Engineers Work Through Night To Put Doctor In Your Pocket

Nov 02, 2017
5 min read

While you were asleep, our engineers were working tirelessly in Chinatown to put a doctor in your pocket. Now, when you’re feeling sick or need medical advice, you can get it quickly wherever you are.

Introducing our new instant call feature

Why leave home to see a doctor if you don't have to? You can consult a Singapore licensed physician right now, wherever you are. Our doctors can provide you with medical advice, and depending on your condition, they may also be able to write you a signed medical certificate (MC) and prescribe medication that will be delivered to you: ensuring you have what you need to rest and recover. This service will allow anyone in Singapore to pay a small fee to quickly consult with a Singapore doctor, via a video call from their mobile phone, laptop, or any web-enabled device. need medical advice get a doctor in your pocket We partnered with one of the most prominent healthcare groups in Singapore in order to ensure you always have access a doctor. RingMD has also entered into a regulatory sandbox with the Ministry of Health (MOH) to prepare for telemedicine licensing under the upcoming Healthcare Services Act (HCSA) in 2020 and help the MOH better understand the efficacy of telemedicine. As a Singaporean company, we are humbled by the opportunity to work with our government to innovate within the healthcare landscape

The intention is not to replace the current healthcare system. We are augmenting it by making healthcare more accessible for the patient. In fact, not all conditions are suitable for an online consultation. In those cases, the doctors on RingMD are trained to refer the patient for a face to face visit with a physician or specialist.

What can I get help with?

Common conditions that can be serviced by doctors from our instant call feature can be found below. Click on any of the illustrations below to find out more about the corresponding condition. Flu.pngdoctor onlineSore Throat.png Why Singapore?

RingMD CEO Justin Fulcher explains the need for this service in Singapore:

"We know from our experience overseas that a good proportion of in-person General Practitioner (GP) visits can occur online through high-quality video call. According to the 2014 Ministry of Health Primary Care survey, 31,800 patients with acute conditions that are likely to be self-limiting (coughs, colds, sore throats, etc.) visit private GP clinics on a daily basis.  That is over 9 million per year.  In many cases, time off to rest and recover is the best medicine and all the patient requires is a Medical Certificate (MC) to sign them off work, which can be provided, if necessary, over RingMD. The objective of our instant call feature is to target these acute conditions. This option of virtual care is important because patients currently have to travel to a clinic and sit in a waiting room surrounded by other sick people before they can consult with a doctor. We believe that technology can increase the convenience of receiving healthcare without affecting the quality of care, the safety of the patient, or the security of their personal data. It's time for patients to gain more control over their healthcare delivery."

Empowering Singaporeans with swift access to doctors was a no-brainer. Singapore has almost unparalleled internet connectivity and smartphone ownership. It is also a place where a large percentage of primary care services are paid out of pocket by the consumer. Most Singaporeans value their time very highly and want to optimize convenience of all the services they consume, including healthcare. So enabling you to consult with a GP from your desk or sofa is just common sense. Singapore is also incredibly fortunate to have a very forward-thinking health ministry that embraces how technology can improve the lives of Singaporeans. Together we hope to deliver the most convenient and high-quality healthcare in the world. This instant call feature is a step towards this ambitious goal.

How do I get started?

All you have to have to do is click here or the button below to start the process. Then there are 3 simple steps. You'll have signed up and seen a doctor in a matter of minutes.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 12.04.44 PM

Connect with a doctor today. Why leave home to see a doctor if you don't have to? See a doctor online now. When appropriate, the doctor is able to provide you with a signed Medical Certificate (MC) if they believe you need one for work or school reasons.

We're also focusing on increasing access to mental health care. If you're thinking "I need a therapist near me" but don't know where to start, try the RingMD therapist directory. We will help you find the right therapist for YOU!

RingMD was founded on the belief that everyone on the planet should have access to both quality and affordable healthcare. To date, the company has focused on making this a reality in emerging and critically underserved markets: forging partnerships with governments and large healthcare providers to improve access to healthcare for as many people as possible.