Online Therapy on RingMD: Therapists, Doctors & Other Health Professionals

Jun 24, 2017
4 min read

Our team is honored to work with a global community of health experts — from surgeons in Thailand, to hypnotherapists in Canada. Each person puts forward their unique expertise and experience, and all for the same reason: to help people feel better and live better.

A few months ago, we opened up our blog to RingMD’s active community of health experts, so that they could have a platform to share their expertise farther afield. Through phone calls, e-mail and messenger correspondence, we’ve worked together to share content that can help the health experts on our platform grow and manage a business they love, and help the broader public learn more about research in mental health, and tips on how to feel better, fitter, more happy and mindful. The RingMD Blog.png We’ve gone through and highlighted some of the articles that RingMD provider’s that have contributed to our blog below. If you have a previously unpublished story that details a health topic that you’d like to publish on RingMD as well, simply submit your story below.

Meet Wellness Coach Ian Disley Ian Disley Mac.png "My primary focus has been to offer practical, 'hands on' strategies to boost emotional resilience, self-empowerment, enhancing personal and workplace wellness."

Ian Disley MAC is a Cognitive Behavioural Coach and ACT Trainer (Acceptance Commitment Therapy), who has used his  experience and background of working within a Community Mental Health Team to form his own private practice.Did you know that over half of mothers who suffer with depression after birth with Postpartum Depression (PPD) do not seek medical help? Ian works closely with many new mothers to help them address their feelings and feel better (see his article here).  We also interviewed Ian about counseling, life coaching, and the successes he has had of offering Acceptance Behavioural Therapy (ACT) in the corporate setting (published here).  Ian offers free initial  consultations to see if he and the client are a therapy match, and to understand the  daily stresses and struggles that his client's may inevitably be experiencing.

Meet Psychologist Janan Broadbent Janan Broadbent, RingMD provider.png "The role of therapy is in navigating these waters in a way one can be at ease with."

Janan Broadbent is a Psychologist/consultant on relationship issues between couples, families, and colleagues. With conflict resolution and personal growth as goals, she beleives that empowering her clients with communication skills will help them in developing trust and positive thinking.

In a recent article, Janan articulated some of the issues facing the LGBT community, and how therapy and counseling help her client's in the community examine the mental, physical and psychological effects of the issues they are facing.

Janan also offers a cross-cultural background of 30+ years in clinical work, 25+ years in teaching and business consultations to help her clients achieve well-being.

Meet clinical holistic healer and therapist Daisy Bai Daisy Bai Counselling.png "Prolonged psychological distress, if left unattended, will disrupt all other areas of life including work, relationships, and physical health."

Vancouver-based clinical counselor, holistic healer, and therapist Daisy Bai discusses what mental wellness is all about in this article. In her opinion, the counselling process can be seen as a two-way journey where the counselor walks through the internal mind of the client with the client; introspecting on the client’s past to provide insight to the current situation while expanding pavements towards futuristic goals.

Daisy is experienced and enthusiastic about accompanying individuals, couples, LGBTQ, cultural minorities and immigrant families, and anyone else in need on their personal healing journey and spiritual growth. Bilingual in English and Mandarin, fluent in Japanese, her multicultural upbringings from traveling around the world have granted her profound openness to cultural diversities.