Publish Content To Grow Your Business & Personal Brand

May 06, 2017
5 min read

Publishing engaging content is an effective way to gain organic interest in both your expertise and your practice.

How have you positioned yourself as a thought leader in your field and how can you stand out? Your experience is certainly unique, but how can your peers and potential clients find you? Fast answer: publish content to grow your business.

The benefit of publishing online content is that the content can be widely distributed. If the content is attributed to your name, this also makes it easy for people to connect with you to get more information. While reading an article can be a passive activity, it’s a great way to engage with your audience — the audience that you may not yet know about.

“It is content and interaction that convert visits to your website into referrals.”

– Mike Langlois, LICSM

Cross-posting your existing content and promoting it on various platforms is another way to increase your ROI on the valuable time spent writing an article.

Our team works with busy practitioners to build an online therapy platform that aims to save time for providers, help them grow their business, and provide a secure app for them to conduct video consultations. Due to popular demand, we've opening up our blog to enable RingMD's community of health experts to broadcast their expertise farther afield by publishing on our platform.

As the expert, your primary task is to write valuable content; the second is to ensure that your content is searchable and can be easily found online. Our team can help you maximize the impact of your work by helping you with the search engine optimization (SEO) of your article to help users find your content and connect with you.

Imagine that your profile is the book that someone is searching for. If your book doesn't have a specific title, topic, or your name printed on the bind, how will you be found?

Together, our goal is to create the go-to site for practitioners to learn tools and tips about how to grow and manage their business, and be the key place for the general public to learn all about health and wellbeing. The RingMD platform hosts both medical and non-medical experts, including counselors, therapists, mental health practitioners and nutritionists.

Why bother publishing?

Writing takes a lot of time — we know. So why should you invest in creating content when you can be consulting with clients or spending time with your family? The reality is that there are thousands of providers that are already consulting online, and if you are not easily "searchable" and "findable", you will be missing out on potential clients, and they will in turn will be missing out on you!

On the RingMD platform alone, there are practitioner profiles that cover 100+ specialisms from across 30+ countries. Broadcasting your expertise through thought-out content pieces is an effective way to be found by both your peers and new clients.

From sharing their observations on recent developments in mental health, to useful listicles providing healthy tips, and an interview series, there’s a lot that the RingMD community is sharing.

Meet Vancouver-based counselor, Daisy Bai, as she shares her perspective on cultural taboos, and what defines "mental illness" here.

United States-based Dr. Joel Lavenson weighs in on new developments in remote treatment for patients with PTSD here.

Want to publish your story?

We’d be pleased to publish stories that relate to any health, wellness, therapy, counseling or digital healthcare topic. We are also open to cross-posting and republishing articles, as long as you are the original author of the work and have permission from the source site to get published.

Perhaps you have recently created a webinar or given a speech at a conference that you could turn into a written piece?

We accept one-off posts and are also looking to work closely with authors on a consistent, and longer-term basis. Since our platform is relatively new, we’re dedicating our team’s time to working closely with you, the author, to help you get your story publish-ready and posted quickly. We can also help you brainstorm your idea, edit the final content, help you find photos and taglines.

Every published blog is attributed to their author, and we’ll add a direct link to your profile in the post. This way, if a client, colleague, or journalist wants to find out more about your topic or consult with you, they can do so easily through your RingMD profile.

3 steps to get published

Step 1. Submit your topic or full story

No story is too big or too small — you have a unique perspective to share!

Step 2. We'll review your pitch

Give us a few working days in order to review your story, and we'll be in contact soon after your submission.

Step 3. Get published

Congratulations! Your story will be published on our blog and across all our social media channels.