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Jul 27, 2017
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Find the right therapist, counselor, nutritionist or other wellness professional for you in Singapore!

Singapore is arguably home to some of the most talented psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health and medical experts in the region (and world). With it's plethora of world-accredited doctors and wellness professionals, multi-faceted medical hubs, well-developed infrastructure and advanced medical ecosystem, nearly $1 billion is generated in-country every year from travelers and Singaporean non-residents.

International patients visit Singapore for medical tourism and remote therapy to treat a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, workplace-related stress and surgical procedures.

How to find a therapist in Singapore

Singapore therapy landscape has so much choice, and choosing the right therapist or counselor for you in Singapore can be daunting. But it doesn't have to be. The below steps can help you narrow down and find a suitable therapist for your issues.

1. Reflect on what you want to get out of therapy.

2. Narrow your search to specialists that are experienced in working with clients/patients with similar goals and issues.

3. Schedule a free and obligation-free introductory sessionto get to know the therapist (tips on how to interview your therapist before committing to therapy here).

This article outlines each of the above steps in more detail.

Meet the people offering mental health and counselling services in Singapore

Working closely with health experts across Singapore, RingMD's online directory of therapists, counselors, and doctors allows you to easily browse through profiles of qualified and available providers in Singapore.

Meet Adriana Giotta Singapore counseling. Adriana Giotta..png Adriana is a consultant Chartered Clinical Psychologist with extensive training across multiple psychological and psychotherapeutic models, having vast experience working around the world in English, Italian and French with people from all walks of life, multi cultural and multi-ethnic populations across the lifespan presenting mild, moderate and enduring mental health concerns, as well as with couples and families in various settings such as hospitals, day centers and private practice. Amongst her past experiences, Adriana has worked as an international consultant clinical psychologist and Director of a leading private psychology practice in Singapore.

Find out more about Adriana Giotta (here). Note that her areas of specialization also include anxiety, depression, parenting, and panic attacks (among others).

Meet Simon Neo Simon Neo. Counseling in Singapore..png "I started my practice with a desire to bridge trust and build hope in the lives of those who are challenged in their current station in life. As a personal therapist, I embrace all clients with empathy and compassion. This has helped them overcome a range of psychological and emotional issues. I love life and have unconditional positive regards for people and is genuine in my approach towards them. I currently have a private practice both in Singapore and in Bangkok."

Find out more about Simon Neo (here). Note that he also speaks both Chinese and English, and has helped a vast amount of Singaporean citizens and expats deal with various issues, including social and family pressure, families (mothers & fathers) dealing with postpartum depression after the birth of their child, anxiety, LGBT support and an array of other issues.

Meet Leonardo Talpo Leonardo Talpo, therapist in Singapore on RingMD.png "Love is not only a feeling; it’s a work in progress. I see general counseling as seeing a doctor when we have a physical problem, he tries to control the symptoms, and we may feel good for a while. Marriage counseling instead is for me a journey; it’s a mix of therapeutic individual counseling for the partners, and a cognitive-behavioral learning for the couple, together. This process will guide you to the understanding of what has been leading you to power-struggle, and that the real ‘enemy’ in the relationship is not your partner, but your and your partner’s patterns.

Successful couples develop through a process of self-study, education, trust, respect, commitment, love, experience, forgiveness and sustained healthy intimacy."

Find out more about Leonardo Talpo (here), and on how he works with couples to make them feel stronger and more connected—together.

Contact Adriana, Simon and Leonardo directly through their RingMD profiles, or browse additional providers by clicking the button below.

Mental health support in Singapore

While Singapore's infrastructure and mental health services are vast, there is still a widening gap in the population's needs for mental health services and available services. Singapore's population faces many mental health and medical issues common to other developed countries: an increasing prevalence of chronic diseases due to a rapidly aging population, an over-worked foreign and local workforce that is struggling with attaining a healthy work-life balance, depressed and exhausted new mothers that are struggling with postnatal depression—and new fathers (one in ten!) that are also struggling with the largely ignored Paternal Postnatal & Antenatal Depression. Singapore also currently ranks as having one of the highest rates of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in the world.

The good news is that the government is increasing the amount of resources going towards improving health-related data and support systems in-country. To improve healthcare support in the future with data-driven decision making, the government has recently re-launched a multi-year comprehensive Singapore Wellness Study that is aimed at revealing trends in mental health issues in Singapore’s population. Also, mental health services and therapy are covered by many in-country insurance schemes for locals (including citizens, permanent and temporary residents).

This document, put together by the government of Singapore, outlines details for additional mental health services available in Singapore.

While social and self-stigma related to seeking help for mental illness remains high in Singapore (and around the world), there are thankfully many options for seeking professional assistance to get you feeling better, both for in-person and remote consultations. View RingMD's online directory of medical, wellness and mental health professionals from Singapore to see who is offering their services online. Note that many offer free initial sessions, so you can get to know and interview your therapist, before committing to therapy.

To see if the provider offers a free consultation, simply check to see if they offer a free session in the “packages” section of their profile or send them a direct message through the chat function on the platform.

Wishing you the best in your wellness journey!