Technology Can Make Remote Consultation Possible

Feb 08, 2017
3 min read

Therapists that have participated in remote consultations have noted that sincerity levels can be remarkably higher in remote clients, calling it "pure therapy."

**Working towards the right goal**

Often, patients view the activity of "just showing up" for their therapy appointment as a sizable accomplishment. The patient's satisfaction can result in their feeling less necessity to take seriously the actual therapy session because they have already accomplished something physical towards improving their mental wellness. Remote consultations with a therapist prevents patients from simply going through the motions of visiting a therapist’s office, allowing patients to focus on the true essence of their issues.

With remote consultations, the only task at hand is the session. There is no need to stress about how you’re going to get there, or who is going to watch your children or pets while you’re out of the house. The focus is purely on talking to the therapist– accomplishing your wellness goals. Building a safe space

In addition to the fact that remote consultations enable the realization of therapy in its purest form, they also can empower both the patients and therapists to be more comfortable (for tips on how to make the most out of your therapy sessions click here). People often feel the safest, and are therefore able to be most vulnerable, in environments where they spend a lot of time.

Remote consultations allow the patient to undergo therapy from the comfort of their own living room, or wherever they feel is most conducive to a helpful session.The patient can totally control the environment, giving them the confidence to open up.

Additionally, there are some patients for whom going to a therapist’s office is not possible, including people that are hospitalized or have low or no mobility.

A virtual consultation is therapy as it always has been, minus the unnecessary distractions and restrictions.

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If you're a doctor or wellness expert considering offering virtual care services, here are some arguments to consider.