RingMD Telemedicine is a FISMA compliant telehealth platform

Federal Information Security Modernization Act, or FISMA, was passed by Congress for the protection of sensitive data. Guidelines for this compliance is set by both the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) along with FISMA. NIST updates the requisite compliance under direction by FISMA from time to time.

By being FISMA compliant, RingMD’s application is secure for deployment with federal or state agencies in managing and facilitating information for federal programs. We have developed a robust system security plan that is enforced and regularly updated. Our platform implements data security, protects user private data, in cutting edge tele-health technology.

FISMA is a part of broader legislation that encompasses the E-Government Act. These laws were enacted to protect national information security interests of the United States of America. RingMD is cyber hardened, FISMA compliant and a turnkey solution available immediately for your telemedicine requirements.


FISMA compliant
300+ devices integrated, instant deployment within 72 hours
Telemedicine application with predictive analytics identify disease trends
Biometrics control for patient verification

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