RingMD Platform offers a highly secure communication platform designed to ensure the privacy and security of customer data.

Secure connection

RingMD forces HTTPS for all connections including our public website. We also use HTTP Strict Transport Security(HSTS) to ensure browser interacts with our servers only over HTTPS.


Uploaded files and call recording are both transmitted and stored using AES-256 encryption on Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) in multiple data centers located around the world.

Messages & notifications

All RingMD messages and notifications are encrypted with Secure Websocket connection when transmitted between the server and users.


RingMD Payment follows Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. No customer’s credit card is stored on our system. The actual card’s information is stored with our payment gateway - Adyen.

Payment information from the RingMD server to the Adyen server is encrypted with AES-256. A secret SHA-1 hash key is shared between RingMD and Adyen to ensure data integrity in both directions.