Cardiothoracic Surgery

Cardiothoracic Surgery is a specific surgical specialty (children - a Pediatric Cardiothoracic surgeon) with the medical doctor acquiring additional qualifications enabling specialization in the operative and perioperative care of chest, heart, and lung surgical cases. These surgeons may further specialize in one area, such as heart surgery or lung surgery or based on age group with pediatric cardiothoracic surgeons only treating children such as those with congenital heart conditions related to birth defects.

Included in this specialty is the care of coronary artery disease, cardiac valve replacements, patching holes or shunts between heart chambers, cancers and other diseases of the trachea, lung, esophagus, chest wall, the mediastinum, and diaphragm.  Emergency management of the airway and injuries of the chest is also within the scope of this specialty.  Also Included in this expertise is the capability in the use of heart assist devices (pacemakers), respiratory support systems, endoscopy, and heart and lung transplantation.