Couples Counselling

Differences in opinions and expectations are always present in every relationship. Some people choose to compromise or just 'let it go' during times of conflict, while others will go a long way to come out 'on top' of an argument. If a couple does not communicate their differences effectively, conflicts cannot be resolved totally and over time, a growing resentment towards each other might develop, leading to more conflicts.

Couples counselling helps any type of couples to recognize and resolve conflicts. With the help of a therapist, a couple can learn to communicate their thoughts and emotions better with each other. Through couples counselling you can identify how to improve your communication with your partner, learn skills to build a healthy and fulfilling relationship, or in some cases make a thoughtful decision to end the relationship and move on separately.

Couples counselling can be done individually between you and a therapist, or together with your partner. A therapist's focus is to help you identify the differences between both of your thoughts and expectations, and equip you with techniques that will help you deal with situations of conflict in a healthy manner.

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