Orthopedic Surgery - Ankle/Foot

Orthopedic Surgeons may develop a special interest in procedures involving the treatment of ankle or foot-related orthopedic conditions. Some of the common conditions treated by ankle/foot surgeons are:

  • Achilles Tendon injury - the Achilles tendon can be injured or torn during sports activity. The torn Achilles tendon can be repaired by orthopedic surgeons.
  • Club Foot - Talipes equinovarus or club foot is a congenital condition wherein a child is born with deformed feet. This is treated serially by casting and surgery.
  • Sprain ankle - sprain ankle is a very common complaint in the emergency room. This happens when a patient trips or twists his/her ankle, leading to stretching of the ankle ligaments. This is often treated conservatively with ice, rest, and pain killers.