Plastic Surgery - Breast

Plastic surgeons may develop a special interest in Breast procedures which focus on improvement of the appearance of the breasts. Some of the common procedures performed by Breast Plastic Surgeons are:

  • Breast augmentation - Breast augmentation is the most common procedure performed by plastic surgeons who choose Breast as a primary interest. Breast augmentation can be done via several means. This can be done by placing saline implants, silicone implants, or other fillers.
  • Breast reconstruction - Breast reconstruction is usually done after a mastectomy (or removal of breast) which is most commonly done for breast cancer. Breast reconstruction attempts to fill in the defect in the chest area created by the mastectomy. This can be done through implants, fillers, or muscular flaps.
  • Breast reduction - Breast reduction is done for patients who have big breasts or asymmetrical breasts.