Substance Abuse

Substance abuse (also known as drug abuse) is the use of drugs in a method or quantity that is harmful to an individual or others. Common drugs associated include: Alcohol, cannabis, and cocaine. It is common for substance abusers to deny their condition, sometimes because they themselves do not notice the damaging nature of their behavior.

Substance abuse may be a result of an underlying issue (e.g. depression or trauma) which led the individual to use drugs as an escape from their problems. It often strains relationships and might cause the individual to become more isolated, worsening their situation.

The key to curing substance abuse is learning how to identify thought patterns that lead you towards drug use, and employing strategies to curb these urges. Therapy can equip you with these skills, give you an avenue to share your burdens and an encouraging voice to help you endeavor through the road to recovery.

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