Relationship Counseling

Deciding to go to couples therapy can be difficult. Acknowledging you and your partner are having problems is one thing but committing to working on them together is another. It's important to keep in mind that the issues affecting your relationship may not go away on their own and seeking help may be more effective. Knowing what to expect during relationship counseling may make you and your partner feel less anxious.

In the first session, many counselors discuss confidentiality issues and explain the methods that they would like to use with the couple. They will ask both partners to talk about their views on the relationship. The counselor helps ensure that both partners are equally allowed to speak. The first session is more for gathering information.

The next few sessions are used to deal with the problems and are attended by the couple together. During these sessions, the counselor may ask you to do a combination of tasks together, encourage role playing exercises, explore childhood and family issues, help you work on communication techniques and highlight discrepancies in behavior.

The counselor also has the task to make you both feel safe and comfortable.

At the end of a session, you may be assigned with tasks to carry out at home. For example, you may be asked to plan a date, revisit a place where a memorable event happened or make lists about what you appreciate about your partner.

These types of exercises help with the counseling process. All relationship counselors will advise you to attend more than 1 session and it may take 4 or 5 before you really start seeing improvements.

According to William Doherty, a family social science professor at the University of Minnesota, counseling is successful 70-80% of the time. A third party perspective is crucial because we don't see ourselves objectively and it is much easier to see how the partner contributes to the problems.

Major life stressors, drifting apart, frequent fighting and losing interest are the commonest reasons to seek help.

Statistics show that the average couple waits 6 years to go for counseling, which is unfortunate, because the sooner it's started, the higher the chance of success. At RingWell, there is no need to be afraid and no need to delay. Our relationship counselors are trained to avoid bias and remain ethical and neutral at all times. Let us help. Call now to book your appointment.